Roomz is the latest developed brand that took place in 2011. Roomz is a local brand developed by Almutlaq Holding, aspiring to become one of the top regional brands in the business of selling outstanding home furnishings. The idea was to create a furniture shopping mall with variety of international brands selected carefully to cater our consumer’s different taste and flavor.

Almutlaq Holding took an imperative step by establishing Roomz, which came in response to the growing demand in the Kingdom, also in compliance to the stated and unstated wishes of our customers to have products of high quality that fits their budgets. .

Visitors and customers of Roomz showrooms will find a wide range of high quality products for reasonably priced, suitable for their needs. Roomz focus to provide a significant way of showing furniture unlike any other showrooms in the region with providing wide range of brands to select from. Therefore, at Roomz we have consulted one of the top branding companies in the USA to draw the brand identity based on the local culture taste and international standards.

Moreover, we took additional mile by asking one of the most specialized home furniture store designing office in the USA to provide Roomz with required elegance yet comfortable to visitors and customers to enable them to visualize every piece of furniture in their homes making it an easy and enjoyable choice. It is a stimulating retail experience, rich with inspirational interior design ideas, which can be easily transferred into their own homes.

Roomz has proudly reached its costumers desires by delivering what was promised. We took the costumers interior visualizations and made them real and affordable luxury.


Roomz Showrooms

Currently Roomz has one showroom in Riyadh in a promising and high demand area, north of the city. The showroom is distinguished by its location.

The showroom consists of three galleries; Roomz has a classic elegance gallery, a modern gallery, and a transitional living gallery. The total displaying area of the showroom is 11,000 m2.

Our goal is to make Roomz a journey, along with being a one-stop shop for furniture shoppers. Roomz showroom is accommodating to all visitors, having facilities such as a play area, providing the comfort for parents can take there time and leave their kids while shopping.


Roomz Warehouses

We have two warehouses under this company both located in Riyadh and with a total storage area of 21,904 m2, which can accommodate 717 of 40’ HC Containers/ 50,236 m3. The warehouse storage capacity and details are as follows:

  1. Riyadh Warehouse (I)
  • Storage Areas: 16,687 m2
  • Container Capacity: 40 / 546’ HC Containers
  • Goods storage 37,531 m3
  1. Riyadh Warehouse (II)
  • Storage Areas: 5,217 m2
  • Container Capacity: 40 / 171’ HC Containers
  • Goods storage 12,705 m3