CityW was introduced in 2008 specializing in selling modern furniture. Almutlaq Holding, with its massive experience in home furniture, found an interest in the international company, Window of City. Almutlaq became Window of City’s sole representative in Saudi Arabia. Almutlaq holding took this momentous step in response to the increasing demand for the growing international and local trends of modern furniture markets.


Our start was in Wenzhou New Field Famous Furniture Exhibition Centre, built in 1990 by Mr. Wang Dongsheng, specialized in selling all kinds ofdomestic and overseas furniture brands. Since he is full of love, persists of furniture business and has a correct direction for furniture market. the sales rush up quickly. During sales, the company tried to create and develop sales methods and paid close attention to the end service and brands maintenance. In order to utilize its excellent resources, New Field started to carry out new development plan in 2002, set up its furniture production factory (Dongguan Window of City Furniture Co. Ltd,) which is located in furniture-making capital – Houjie town, China.

In accordance to Almutlaq Holding main and strategic goals, we anticipated and analyzed the Saudi market demand and responded to consumer needs by opening the first showroom of CityW Saudi Arabia in Riyadh in 2008. A second showroom located in Khobar opened in 2009, Jeddah’s showroom shortly followed.

CityW showrooms provide customers with experience and the visualization of how the furniture would look in their own homes. With our unique European-style, modern designs, and top designers, the costumer is given a vast verity of products, which fits their taste and budget.

CityW offers modern furniture, and at CityW we host several modern furniture international brands like; POP, EGO, G-Life, EasyLiving, Tempo, Gaudi, and Tiziano covering products lines like bedrooms, dinning rooms, living rooms, foyers, coffee tables, and accessories.

CityW Showrooms

In CityW, the showrooms spaces total has reached more than 18,900 m2, and we plan to continue expanding to cover the remaining Saudi cities, reaching our costumers across the country. CityW Saudi Arabia also took the necessary steps to start expanding in Gulf and Arab countries in general in the near future.

The total displaying area in CityW showrooms is divided as the following:

  • Riyadh Showroom is 4,100 m2
  • Riyadh 2nd showroom is 7,500 m2
  • Jeddah Showroom is 3,634 m2
  • Khobar Showroom is 3,700 m2

CityW Brands

In 2002, Window of City factories started design and production furniture of black sandalwood until August 2007, with the inauguration of its trademarks (EGO, Gaudi, EasyLiving, Life-G, Tempo, POP, E&D, Tiziano and New York Fashion), they won and earned a good reputation, and thus, they received numerous awards and the first universal designing certificate in many international exhibitions. As such, the plan to maintain the international trademarks by implementing of the following aspects:

First, establishing professional production lines. Window of City have different trademarks, and all trademarks owned with its own manufacturer of production. For example, the production of EGO brand is produced particularly in Leap factory, which has experience of more than 15 years in the furniture industry. Also Gaudi products, produced in factories of Gaudi sofas. The EasyLiving and Tempo are manufacturing production in Window of City factories company, where intervention in the manufacture of several components, using German machinery manufacturing.

Secondly, the power of design and its practically; to achieve that, Window of City has cooperated with CEDC to attract the most important and more famous international furniture designer, Mr. Dirk Van Gogh from Belgium and other designers from the Philippines to work as consultants and advisers for the process and mechanisms of producing designs on the modern European-style.

Finally, the superb care and attention of protecting the working environment and the highest standards of quality control, where the company got the ISO certificate (ISO 9001) which enabled it to establish a wonderful system of quality control at each step of industrialization.

CityW Warehouses

CityW has three warehouses with a total storage area of 26,975 m2 which can accommodate 469 of 40’ HC Containers / 44,219 m3. Each located in three major cities of Saudi Arabia. The storage capacity of each warehouse and details as follows:

  1. Riyadh Warehouse
  • Storage Areas: 10,614 m2
  • Container Capacity: 181 / 40’ HC Containers
  • Goods Storage: 18,355 m3
  1. Jeddah Warehouse
  • Storage Areas: 7,700 m2
  • Container Capacity: 130 / 40’ HC Containers
  • Goods Storage: 11,696 m3
  1. Khobar Warehouse
  • Storage Areas: 8,661 m2
  • Container Capacity: 158 / 40’ HC Containers
  • Goods Storage: 14,168 m3