Almutlaq Co. Ltd, is what Almutlaq Holding was founded on in the early stages, it is specialized in selling home furniture products. Almutlaq Co. Ltd currently runs four showrooms two in Riyadh, one in Jeddah and one in Khobar, providing customers with:

  • Classic and Transitional furniture including the following product categories; bedrooms, dinning rooms, living rooms, coffee tables, wall units, recliners, and table lamps
  • Home Accessories & accents

Almutlaq Co. Ltd. Showrooms

At Almutlaq Co. Ltd, we make a great effort to make sure our showrooms are unique and notable. In 2012, we changed our showrooms exterior façade; it is now more up to date and inviting. The total displaying area in Almutlaq Co. Ltd, showrooms is 16,000 m2 distributed as follows:

  • Riyadh, Olaya street Showroom is 4,000 m2
  • Riyadh, King Abdullah Road Showroom is 3,400 m2
  • Jeddah Showroom is 5,400 m2
  • Khobar Showroom is 3,200 m2

Product mix in our showrooms are well studied and planned and it is consistent across all our showrooms.

Almutlaq Co. Ltd. Warehouses

At Almutlaq Co. Ltd, we have three warehouses located in three major cities of Saudi Arabia. The total storage area is 31,354 m2 which can comfortably accomodated 778 of 40’ HC Containers / 69,915 m3. The storage capacity of each Warehouse and details as follows:

  1. Riyadh Regional Warehouse
    • Storage Areas:11,374 m2
    • Container Capacity:264 / 40’ HC Containers
    • Goods Storage:24,159 m3
  2. Jeddah Regional Warehouse
    • Storage Areas:11,041 m2
    • Container Capacity:319 / 40’ HC Containers
    • Goods Storage:28,145 m3
  3. Khobar Regional Warehouse
    • Storage Areas:8,939 m2
    • Container Capacity:195 / 40’ HC Containers
    • Goods Storage:17,611 m3