About US

Mr. Mohammed Almutlaq 1970

Mr. Mohammad Almutlaq founded Almutlaq holding company in 1979. Today, Almutlaq holding is one of the leading companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia specialized in retailing home furniture & furnishings. The story began in Khobar city lying in the east coast of Saudi Arabia where the oil boom started, the first store opened with a vison to provide customers with affordable furniture yet quality and services should not be compromised. Soon to follow, another store in Jeddah city in 1981 and Riyadh city in 1986, covering the country’s most prominent cities.With continuous success through out the years, also with the first generation planting the first seed and building the name of Almutlaq Holding; now it is led by the second generation who continues to strategically build and develop the company.Over the years, Almutlaq became a trusted gaining strong loyalty from both the customers and the local & international suppliers.We believe that our philosophy in business and strategy are the key factor to the efficiency of our operations. This is reflected in Warehousing and Inventory Management, which are the key links to supply chain optimization.For more than three decades we have developed purpose designed Warehouses and installed a leading edge Warehouse Management System to accommodate our customers’ needs.